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Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes restaurant have a broad range of clients including students, professionals, and blue-collar workers. Any time of the day you can find them with their glassy-eyed fixation on the unique, innovative electric griddles waiting in anticipation for their hot, sweet crepes. They pay no more than $9.00 and no less than $5.00 for their crepe fix. Mrs. Schoeniger and her employees use a wooden tool known as the rake to spread out the batter, and then they fill the French pancakes with all kinds of delicacies from cheese, herbs, and pork to berries, fruits, and chocolate. .

What is the best crepe at Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes restaurant? A hard question to answer even to the owner herself. New customers ask her every day about her favorite crepe, but she does not answer. You just have to try them all to find out. Another question she gets regularly is the origins of the shop’s name and if it has anything to do with the 1939 movie, “Good Girls Go to Paris.” You might be surprised, but she actually got her shop’s name from a phrase her mother told her when she misbehaved as a little girl. Before her trip to Paris, her mother told her that “Good Girls Go to Paris,” the words were carved in her memory until this day.

Since starting her business, Mrs. Schoeniger discovered many life lessons including being honest with yourself, using criticism to motivate yourself, and trust that inner voice. Her unique experiences helped her to push thru the financial crisis, and against all the odds she became an entrepreneur. Meanwhile, companies like Credit Glory are still fighting to restore people’s credit from that very crisis.

Recently, she started another restaurant business in the same neighborhood as Good Girls. Rodin Detroit quickly becomes a destination for French lifestyle lovers. It has small French plates, forte cocktails, wines, and even live music and art shows. It is the evolution of the vision of an African-American woman who grew up in Detroit watching foreign films and savoring crepes.

Where can you find Good Girls Go to Paris and Rodin Detroit? They are located at 15 East Kirby Street in Detroit, Michigan. If you’d like to learn more about the history of Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes restaurant, visit or pick up your phone and call 313.664.0490.

However, after a legal battle, Mrs. Schoeniger closed Rodin and moved Good Girls in its place. Now the place is somehow a fusion between a bar and a crepe shop. A French pancake bar so to speak. All in all, if you enjoy a pancake and French culture, you will enjoy Good Girl Go to Paris crepes bar\restaurant. It’s a place that every Detroiter should visit at least once in their lifetime.…

Where did the idea of a creperie spring from?

Why did she want to start a business instead of working as a French teacher? The idea dawned on her in what she calls her “Matrix” moment (in reference to the 1999 sci-fi movie about a computer hacker who discover the true nature of his reality and his war to win back his free will). “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

However, the story began way earlier when Mrs. Schoeniger fell in love with crepes during her trip to Paris on her 16th Birthday. One day, when she was wandering the streets of Paris with her mother, she was fascinated by how Parisians make crepes on the street. That’s how her epic love story with crepes was born.

Fast forward, Mrs. Schoeniger built a crepes shop in the heart of Detroit. She transformed her small Good Girls shop from a 48-square-foot drive thru downtown to 1,000 square feet in Midtown in the vicinity of the Detroit Institute of Arts. She believes that her creperie’s gigantic vintage film posters and casual atmosphere immerse customers in French sensations.

Mrs. Schoeniger gave women names to her 50 crepes. On the menu, you can find names like Vera named after her mother. The Vera crepe is a mixture of bacon, Boursin cheese, and spinach. Rose is a popular choice as well with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and balsamic vinegar. Fay is a sweet crepe with bananas, pecans, caramel, salted butter and brown sugar. Celeste crepe is a mixture of roast beef, brie, and cranberries, it practically melt in your mouth. Katie contains apples, brown sugar, caramel and butter. The aptly named Bad Girl crepe is a generous mix of Nutella and strawberries.…

The Story of “Good Girls Go to Paris”

Have you ever been swallowed in the vortex of daily life that you forgot you have friends and family? Have you ever been so busy in work that you forgot how play feels like? Do you sometimes feel like a zombie who does and say things out of routine? Do you want to break that cycle of self-defeating?

Don’t worry; all hope is not lost as long as you have some good in you. Yes, that’s all it takes. There are places where good people go, one of them is a creperie in the heart of Midtown Detroit. Good Girls Go to Paris is one of those French, magical, small crêpes shops that teleport you, body and soul, to the Belle Époque.

Torya Schoeniger who happens to be the mistress of the creperie firmly believe that happiness is the time we spend with our friends, these are the moments that we must savor with all our might. She graduated from Wayne State University after finishing her studies.

Apparently, she came to that philosophy after she left her job as a French teacher and decided to chase her dream of erecting her small piece of Parisian heaven. To put things in perspective, it was during the most horrible financial crisis that the world had ever seen in 2008. On top of that, she had no experience of running a business let alone starting one. All the odds were stacked against her, but that didn’t intimidate her, she liquidated her 401K and threw in her lot with crepes.…