The Story of “Good Girls Go to Paris”

Have you ever been swallowed in the vortex of daily life that you forgot you have friends and family? Have you ever been so busy in work that you forgot how play feels like? Do you sometimes feel like a zombie who does and say things out of routine? Do you want to break that cycle of self-defeating?

Don’t worry; all hope is not lost as long as you have some good in you. Yes, that’s all it takes. There are places where good people go, one of them is a creperie in the heart of Midtown Detroit. Good Girls Go to Paris is one of those French, magical, small crêpes shops that teleport you, body and soul, to the Belle Époque.

Torya Schoeniger who happens to be the mistress of the creperie firmly believe that happiness is the time we spend with our friends, these are the moments that we must savor with all our might. She graduated from Wayne State University after finishing her studies.

Apparently, she came to that philosophy after she left her job as a French teacher and decided to chase her dream of erecting her small piece of Parisian heaven. To put things in perspective, it was during the most horrible financial crisis that the world had ever seen in 2008. On top of that, she had no experience of running a business let alone starting one. All the odds were stacked against her, but that didn’t intimidate her, she liquidated her 401K and threw in her lot with crepes.

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